Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope your day is blessed with sunshine as we remember those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

This is the first Memorial Day weekend in 3 or 4 years  that I’ve had “off” off, because of my barn owner’s show horse having colic surgery. KoKo is recuperating well, with no problems (quick knock on wood). Next weekend she can be turned out into a small pen; she’s been out of her stall only for brief periods to  hand graze 3 or 4 times a day for the past month. She’ll have a month of “pen” rest, then another month of pasture rest, which will bring her to the beginning of August before she can go back to work.

Here’s my progress on Beacon House. This is 2 weeks worth of stitching and it really doesn’t look like much, but I’ve dipped into the water:


I’ve been procrastinating on doing all the snowflakes scattered in the sky areas. There are 3 different size Smyrna Crosses to do and I’m dreading them!

I made a Peanut Butter sheet cake for snack at stitching last week:

pbuter sheet cake2

I thought it was excellent. Jeanne had the idea of Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake with the Peanut Butter sheet cakes’s frosting.  A must-try for sure!

Have a nice quiet holiday tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

A day late and a dollar short- it’s how I roll.

Here’s what my favorite daughter sent me- I received it at work on last Wednesday morning:

Mom's day 1

And here’s what was inside:

Mom's day 2

5 individually wrapped cookies- all different, and 5 individually wrapped brownies- all different. Soooo yummy and decadent. And perfect because I needed something sweet that day! I managed to make everything last until last night. I invited Em over for chicken dinner Sunday night and we had a very nice time.

No stitching pictures this week- I filled in more snow in Beacon House, but it isn’t a huge change from the previous week . I did some quilting this week for a gift for my Mum, and then I mailed it off today but forgot to take a picture. Doh!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Good News & Bad News….

The good news: I barn sat this weekend, and stitched a bit on Beacon House and on the Lizzie Kate Joy Sampler.
The bad news is: I was supposed to stay over both Friday and Saturday nights, but at 6:00 pm Saturday, I got a call from the barn owner who was at a horse show in Topsfield. Her horse had coliced and was about to go into surgery. They were going to come home Saturday night around midnight.
Long story short, her horse came out of surgery fine. She’ll be at the vet’s until the end of the week, then back home for several months of recuperation. So basically my barn owner’s show season is over, which is sad because  she does so well. She was hoping to go to Nationals this year in July, but that won’t happen. And even if her horse is recovered in time for Worlds in October, I don’t think she’ll have the points to qualify. (I’m assuming one needs a minimum amount of points to qualify.)
Needless to say, no discounts on my board for a while. %^(