Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Stitching and She Cooks…

Here’s where i stand on Beacon House:


I mostly filled in some water at Thursday stitching group. I had worked on it a little last weekend finishing up the deer ad the variegated snow.

This evening I’ve been invited to supper at my good friends Dianne & Jen’s house. I made a Flat Apple Pie for the grown-ups, and some Vanilla/Vanilla cupcakes for the kids.

flat apple pie cupcakes

I used this no-mess-frosting tip from Our Best Bites. It worked beautifully! Although I wish my frosting recipe made just a scooch more – I divided the white 4 ways to add the color and piping that 3rd cupcake involved me jamming my thumb all the way into the tip to squeeze enough out to cover the cake top. The 4 cupcakes on the bottom you can see are a bit wonky.

But I’m sure they’ll taste fine.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Silly Stuff....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lather, Rinse, Repeat…..

Here’s my latest Beacon House update:


I had to unstitch about 3” of the top line of the water, back to where I stopped infilling, because I had mistakenly repeated the previous section of chart. This JCS version of the chart is horrible. The chart runs across 3-4 pages and breaks at very inconvenient places- it’s been difficult trying to keep my place. I finally taped all the sections together into one big chart.

Em got me a new purse for my birthday. It has smaller outside pockets than my previous bag, and a single large inner compartment. So I made some zippered organizers so I can find my all-important lottery cards: 

zippered clutch1

Here are the lining colors:

zip clutch green

zip clutch black

zip clutch blue

And this is for my Mom- the thread catcher:

ort jar 5 ort jar 4

Then Em got me this- a leftover from the Olympics:


Google “Steven Colbert” and “Dressage”. He’s made several hysterically funny videos in an attempt to skewer the Romneys, but the videos are too funny. Oh- here: From The Colbert Report and this. And dressage queens united to produce this at Gladstone (site of the Olympic Trials)