Thursday, April 30, 2009


Nothing like turning on the old PC and getting 2 consecutive dialog boxes warning that it "can't find user profile" and then we'll be logging  you on with a "generic profile".

Don't know what that's about, so I performed computer  magic and re-started and everything seems fine.


I brought Garden Grew to S & B tonight and worked about an hour & a half:


I've got one more motif to the far right to reach the right side of the entire chart. YAY! I'm hoping to have some stitching time this weekend- maybe I can get all of page 5 done! Wouldn't that be grand?

Speaking of grand: Kentucky Derby is Saturday- put your best bonnet on and have yourself a julep. Right now, I think I want "I Want Revenge" based on the odds and his jockey has balls as big as coconuts, seeing as he's only 17 years old I think.

"Friesian Fire" is calling to me, too, I don't know why.

I've been super busy  this week. Plus reading. Another trip tomorrow morning to Boston for another load of stuff.

Monday, April 27, 2009

March Stocking #2:


Mar 09

40 ct. linen w/suggested threads - WDW I think.

The fabric on the left is what I got to do that star.It's a pale blue, and I had Deb order me some blue Thread Gatherer silk, and I got some multi-hued blue beads as well. Photos another time.

Mr.Lawnmower started on the first pull yesterday, so I took that as a sign that I was destined to mow the lawn.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intellectual Property- I think not!

Here are some pony photos I stole from Em:

head shot axe


whinny axe

cowboy up

I just noticed the flat cowboy in the background! HA HA!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get with the Program!

Jeesh! I'm turning into the world's worst blogger. And I had all that new traffic from people googling "Sara Boyle" , even though I triple checked that it's "Susan Boyle".

Anyway, without further ado, here is my minute progress on Garden Grew:


It must be waiting for all those April showers to soak in.

Here's what I did last Thursday on the March stocking:

Mar 08

I'm a little bit more along than the mistake one. I just haven't had a stitchy appetite at lunch at work the past 2 weeks.

The dreaded exodus out of Boston is being planned. Her final regular classes are on April 30th. Then another 9 days of study & finals. That's a really short school year for $47000 a year.

Axe felt great tonight. I tried to keep going a bit longer even though my legs were like rubber bands.

LOST recap episode tonight.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

You know that Susan Boyle, new YouTube sensation?

Well this isn't about her...but rather, the checkout person I had at Walmart this morning. She was young, late teens, mmaaaaybe early 20's. And NO hair eyebrows. She was wearing makeup (foundation, eye shadow, mascara, etc.), nicely done, to a point at which I will soon arrive.

Now I was able to discern this by the few furtive glances I took to affirm what I was looking at. Her foundation was pleasingly matte, her complexion appeared flawless.

She may have even had some tinted lip gloss & blush; it was hard to tear my gaze from her lack of hair-ed eyebrows. Instead, she had drawn two 1/8 thick Snidely Whiplash (I know how old you are if you know who I'm talking about) curved lines, with a slight accentuation over the inner starting point. The lines were symmetrical and uniform, with no deviations or jiggidi-ness. They didn't seem to follow the natural curve of her brow at all, and were almost straight. Each brow, taken off her face, and taken individually, were PERFECT in of themselves.


Which is where we shall arrive at my point.

Not only did the lines not follow her natural brow, were too long for her brow, too skinny for her face, too unnaturally perfectly drawn upon her face....they were also almost touching each other over her nose!!!!! If you're going to the trouble to draw freeking facial hair over your eyes, is it necessary to tell you to NOT draw a uni-brow!!!!

This has been your daily dose of the bizarre.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's All in the Details....

So I pulled out my second March stocking at work Wednesday, and it suddenly dawned on me that I had teanspoded (OK! I'm leaving that- my fingers were supposed to be typing "transposed" and I was even looking at the keyboard. This is how bad my typing is!!!!)the colors. As Homer says, "DOH!"

So here's my restart:

Mar 07

I was curious why the clovers were a tad dried out looking.....

Can you find the differences between these 2 photos?



That's right....not too much.

Jeanne brought in yummy orange bars, or, well, orange cream cheese frosting with some cake underneath to hold it. MMMM-MMmmm-MMMM!  It was difficult restraining myself from flinging my body across the container to barricade them from everyone else.

I wasted LOTS of  work time browsing thru the Online Needlework Show today. I had Deb order me this and this.                                          

Then today I found this, all of these, this could be easily altered to be Axe, this designer, and a few more various designs by various designers. I also found all the answers to the scavenger hunt, because I'm awesome that way.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

A friend emailed this to me:

To All:
Today is Tax Day.
Remember to pay your taxes.
The following people are depending on you:
1. Illegal aliens.
2. Unwed mothers
3. Section 8 housing
4. Upside down mortgage holders with 2 SUV's and the 10 rm house.
5. Welfare recipients.
6. Disaster relief around the world.
7. Planned Parenthood
8. Politicians
9. Car Manufacturers
10. Banks
11. Insurance companies
12. Credit card companies
13. Mortgage companies
14. Lawyers
15. Drug dealers

Please feel free to add your own comments

16. Foreign Aid to countries that hate America
18. Pension plans for Mass. toll takers and politicians


Sorry to be such a crap-tastic blogger these days; I realized this morning we're half-way thru the month and I've only made 4 postings (not including this one). I've been very chronically challenged these days and I can't really figure out why. I know I'm spending a little more time at the barn (extra daylight & comfortable temperatures?), but not tons of extra time. I don't know what'll happen when I have to start mowing the lawn! Maybe I'll have to wear one of those flashlights on my forehead and mow in the dark.......

Friday, April 10, 2009


Garden Grew update:


Still finishing up on page 4.

Here's a close up of the violet (pansy?)- the leafy stuff I had to move:

GG11 macro

I think that's a hybrid bunny/squirrel. There are lots of those little bees all over the design.

Here's the latest on BBD March stocking #2:

Mar 06

I'm stitching it upside down next to the other one because I'm a cheap Yankee bitch.

Emily's new BF out in sunny Californeea made this out of two horse shoes:

horse heart

Isn't that nice? He should SO sell them & make a fortune.

I went up to ride but had to give Jodi & Ruth a hand with Ruth's horse- they think she has an abscess.  My stomach has been queasy all afternoon, and Axe was napping, and it started raining so I talked myself out of riding.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Time....

I don't know what I'm doing different this week, but I've had little to no time after getting home from the barn to stitch on Garden Grew. I managed a little last night, but Monday was a bust, and tonight I made some fruit kebabs for stitching tomorrow. I just finished my supper & haven't made lunch and LOST comes on in 20 minutes. Jeesh! And forget about the second stocking- nothing has been done on that since last Thursday.

Axe was good tonight; we managed a canter in each direction. I've determined that she's getting warmed up just as my legs are wearing out. I need to do some yoga to strengthen my core. And get back to walking. And rake the yard. And get the lawn mower tuned up. A vacuum around the house would be nice. And scrub my bathroom down with bleach. And win a gazillion dollars in the lottery. And call my mum. Shit- I could go on forever.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Here's my first Black Bird Design stocking completion:

BBD Mar 1

This is on 40 ct. linen with the requested threads (WDW?)

Here's the next March stocking:

Mar 05 That's the toe.

Here's a random shot of Izzie (aka Aslan) who was sleeping behind me in my computer chair:


We nicknamed him Izzie long before that chick on Grey's Anatomy. He's going on 12 years old.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Déjà Vu

It was humid and close to 60 degrees today, so I thought Axe's lined sheet would be a bit too warm for her. I looked at last year's unlined sheet, &  someone, who shall remain nameless, neglected to wash it last fall. (Who, me???) So I found a satin sheet to bring up, the only other clean one being a non-waterproof cotton sheet. Em had spent a lot of time giving Axe a spa day- she was absolutely gleaming, and her mane had been pulled so she didn't look like a Friesian anymore;

pulledmane( Can you see that?)

I put the satin sheet on (bright red!), told her not to get dirty and headed to the supermarket. I texted Em to get her OK on the sheet- in the back of my mind I was wondering if it would make her too warm due to lack of breathability. So I realize in the store, I had meant to exchange a bottle of mouthwash I had bought last week (wrong kind), and then Em wrote back that the satin sheet is, in fact, the one that makes her sweat bullets. So I get home, drop off the groceries, get the cotton sheet and the mouthwash, and repeat my evening: barn, change sheets, then supermarket.

My, my: someone's packed on a few lbs! The bottom of the sheet barely comes to the bottom of her belly! I don't remember it having such a short drop! Well, it'll have to do for the night. I came home and rummaged thru all my dirty horse laundry. I was going to put a load of 2 appropriate sheets in the wash, but eeeewwww!!!! those crusty leg straps just negated THAT idea! So the 2 worst will go to the horse laundry for professional cleaning, and I put a less dirty one in the machine.

And that is how I spent my evening. Oh and I finished the stocking, but I'll take a picture tomorrow.

So There!