Friday, April 17, 2009

It's All in the Details....

So I pulled out my second March stocking at work Wednesday, and it suddenly dawned on me that I had teanspoded (OK! I'm leaving that- my fingers were supposed to be typing "transposed" and I was even looking at the keyboard. This is how bad my typing is!!!!)the colors. As Homer says, "DOH!"

So here's my restart:

Mar 07

I was curious why the clovers were a tad dried out looking.....

Can you find the differences between these 2 photos?



That's right....not too much.

Jeanne brought in yummy orange bars, or, well, orange cream cheese frosting with some cake underneath to hold it. MMMM-MMmmm-MMMM!  It was difficult restraining myself from flinging my body across the container to barricade them from everyone else.

I wasted LOTS of  work time browsing thru the Online Needlework Show today. I had Deb order me this and this.                                          

Then today I found this, all of these, this could be easily altered to be Axe, this designer, and a few more various designs by various designers. I also found all the answers to the scavenger hunt, because I'm awesome that way.

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