Saturday, April 18, 2009

You know that Susan Boyle, new YouTube sensation?

Well this isn't about her...but rather, the checkout person I had at Walmart this morning. She was young, late teens, mmaaaaybe early 20's. And NO hair eyebrows. She was wearing makeup (foundation, eye shadow, mascara, etc.), nicely done, to a point at which I will soon arrive.

Now I was able to discern this by the few furtive glances I took to affirm what I was looking at. Her foundation was pleasingly matte, her complexion appeared flawless.

She may have even had some tinted lip gloss & blush; it was hard to tear my gaze from her lack of hair-ed eyebrows. Instead, she had drawn two 1/8 thick Snidely Whiplash (I know how old you are if you know who I'm talking about) curved lines, with a slight accentuation over the inner starting point. The lines were symmetrical and uniform, with no deviations or jiggidi-ness. They didn't seem to follow the natural curve of her brow at all, and were almost straight. Each brow, taken off her face, and taken individually, were PERFECT in of themselves.


Which is where we shall arrive at my point.

Not only did the lines not follow her natural brow, were too long for her brow, too skinny for her face, too unnaturally perfectly drawn upon her face....they were also almost touching each other over her nose!!!!! If you're going to the trouble to draw freeking facial hair over your eyes, is it necessary to tell you to NOT draw a uni-brow!!!!

This has been your daily dose of the bizarre.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Have you seen Susan Boyle's new eyebrows? It shows what a HUGE difference good eyebrows make. (If you haven't seen it, check the Superficial.)