Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Time....

I don't know what I'm doing different this week, but I've had little to no time after getting home from the barn to stitch on Garden Grew. I managed a little last night, but Monday was a bust, and tonight I made some fruit kebabs for stitching tomorrow. I just finished my supper & haven't made lunch and LOST comes on in 20 minutes. Jeesh! And forget about the second stocking- nothing has been done on that since last Thursday.

Axe was good tonight; we managed a canter in each direction. I've determined that she's getting warmed up just as my legs are wearing out. I need to do some yoga to strengthen my core. And get back to walking. And rake the yard. And get the lawn mower tuned up. A vacuum around the house would be nice. And scrub my bathroom down with bleach. And win a gazillion dollars in the lottery. And call my mum. Shit- I could go on forever.



Wanda said...

It will all happen...try to relax! Sure wish I could watch Lost with you! I have to wait until it comes out on DVD (DECEMBER!)

Linda in MA said...

Love those fruit kabobs!