Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And These Are Called "Wind Puffs"

poor Axie- she has puffy ankles:


The left is worse than the right. They're unslightly, but not painful. They're just pockets of excess fluid, as a result of her racing days.

As for stitching, it's been tough this week trying to find some time- I've gone out twice to look at new cell phones, and the boss had me out another day.

Maybe tonight before LOST?


Friday, March 23, 2007

Food, Glorious Food!

Here's a photo of those awesome chocolate chip cookies:

They are still chewy & yummy!

Here's a couple of pix of cupcakes I made for Emily's friend in payment for riding the Axe:

Just Dunkin Hines Golden Vanilla mix & some canned dark choclate frosting.
But wikkid yummy!!! :}
I have to start photo-ing more.
I made more progress on both Kittys & Spring today at lunch, but not enough worth a photo.Maybe by the end of the weekend. Right now I'm not exhausted, and want to stitch, but I seem to lose all ambition when I get on the couch.
Well, the frozen tony's pizza for One is done

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday Girl..

I forgot these: the birthday girl (15 years old) was having her beauty sleep

Happy Birthday Axe!

Progress pix...

Here's Kittys:

I started the roof, filled in the windows, and stitched 2 cats.

And here's Thoughts of Spring:

I have to check the chart again. I think I missed a stitch or 3 in the middle of the "P".
It's very hard to discern the negatives of the letters as I stitched. The other ladies (or bitches ;) were having the same problem. What I've stitched so far is almost a whole skein of floss: I have 2-plys x 36" long left, plus what's dangling from the needle.
This week has sucked dead llamas for stitching time.
Meanwhile, I'd advise all you cookie fiends out there ot check out Cookie Madness. Those chewy choc chip cookies were the best I've EVER had. Perfect by my standards of chewy, thickness & buttery taste. Those & them damn oatmeal things from 2 weeks ago- I;m getting fat & have to start running again pronto.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This was supposed to be a nice quiet easy week at work with the boss away.
A little extra uninterupted stitching time at lunch ;); some lazy blog reading; time to do my jigsaw in the morning.............yeah.........right!
He spent 15 minutes with me last Thursday before he left with notes to drawup a room over the mezzanine to the recycling facilty.
Starting Friday morning I've had a call from the developer- the big boss, numero uno hombre, then all this week, from the site manager, the Uncle of the money bags behind the project, the structural engineer, my boss like 15 times - DURING LUNCH TODAY!!!! ahem!
I fianlly calmed down to have a rational conversation with money bags #2 or #3, and will suck up & kiss ass by going over there tomorrow am on my way to work to do some measruring.
Supposedly he's stopping the whole job so I can go in there without a hard hat.
And on top of those calls, annoying calls from other people who I think are just checking that I'm there.
I did get a tiny bit of work done on Kittys. Not enough to assuage my guilt, but a little.
Yesterday i got the headline for Thoughts of Spring done, and a few stitches into the lower portion. I'll try to post pix tomorrow after S&B.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Not much happening..

We had the huge slush storm Friday into Saturday; the barn roof leaked like a sieve. The floor had spalsh-thru puddles. I was done early today though, too icy to send horsies out.

I even beat Bob here.

We went for burgers at the A-frame; Bob at the barn recommended them. They were awesome- 1/2 pound, juicy, cheesy, grilled onions...umm-umm-MMMMM!!

The onion rings were the tenderest I can remember having. The fries were excellent- perfectly cooked. The rings & fries needed some salt as they came out of the fryer, but tasty none the less.

Here's my progress on Thoughts of Spring:

The scanner makes the fabric look blue-ish- it's really just white. The floss loooks grayed here too.
Every one was working on this, so I still haven't gotten back to Kittys.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Break...

break my heart?
break my spirit?
break my house?
break my computer?
break my mental state?
break the bank?
break her toe?
IS it over yet?
Can't she just live on the street until the dorms open back up????
I won't survive the summer.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hey- check out the "Cookie Madness " blog link thing-y over there to the right- she had the most AWESOME oatmeal cookies a couple of days ago- I tried them & tweaked to include white choc chips, and craisins instead of the raisins. Yummy stuff!
ARRGG! Horse show tomorrow AND it's daylight savings!! Now what rocket scientist decided that scheduling was good??!! I have to get up at 4:00 am, which will really be 3:00 am. TO SHOVEL SHIT!
No Stitch & Bitch this week- all the other ladies got Deb's & my cold. I picked up my Wish ornament- I'm trying to complete each letter as a form of rotation. I'm not really liking the over one on this loose linen. A Jobelan evenwaeve would have been better- the fabric threads are much more stiffly woven. I need to make progress on Kittys and I stitched one length of floss on the group SAL (Thoughts {?} of Spring).
I REALLY need a shower right now though- 6 1/2 hours at the shit mines today.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I forgot to post these: First is Aslan waiting for his treats before I go off to work:

Then here's Chickie waiting for hers:

Please ignore my scuffed & dirty floor.


I Don't Know Why...

Blogger asks if I want to be remembered for log-in, but then it never does.


Here's a progress pic of my Wish Ornament:

Jeeshh!! I just spent 20 minutes looking for the floss & fabric pckg for this- I looked thru everything in my bag at least 3 times!
Anyway- it's 28 ct. Cashel Carnival (Picture This Plus)
with Weeks Bethlehem floss over one.

Here's Bent Creek's Snowbound:
It's about the same size as my progress on the Wish ornament- go figure!
I'll finish as an ornament. This was quick- about 6 hours of stitching tops.

Below are three of the motifs from the Paradigm Lost chart to be finished as individual ornaments.
I bought Christmas-y jewel-toned flosses- I can't remember which brand, and for fabric I used some stashed 32-ct toile (cheap stuff) which unfortunately is not even- it's as much as 1/4" bigger in one direction than the other, the designs being all symmetrically square or round, etc.

Last week i didn't go to stitching night because of my cold, but I did stop in because our Group SAL had arrived: Random Thoughts of Spring by Erica Michaels. I'm doing mine on 32 ct.
Antque white Jobelan with Crescent Colors "Cottage Garden" floss. I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing.
It's frickin' freezing outside!!!
I need to get to bed.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sigh of relief!

Well, I didn't die this weekend from my cold.
Bob helped with my sump piping- I took a chance & guessed that the blockage was in the yard- we cut the hose outside the house, kicked the pump on, and sure enough, water came out!
We rigged some old downspouts together. I'm going to check for a downspout-to-hose adapter to get the outfall furtheraway from the house.
I pulled the hose out from the window & closed & re-insulated- just in time for the deep freeze in a couple of days.
I tightened the clamp on the washer machine hose so THAT won't spray all over the basement.
I cooked bacon & eggs for dinner today- I'm not finding that satisfying at all lately.
After Bob left, i was going to go out for a burger, then decided I'd rather stitch- seeing as i still had some energy left(surprise!), and eat soem of my 75% off Valentines choclates.
No race driving today- instead we had on some insipid Dick Van dyke /Matlock drama- just as bad if you ask me.
Well- off to stitch before I run out of ambition.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Ya Know Murphy's Law?

That was today:
I took the day off because of my cold and the forecasted shiteous weather.
I slept lousy overnight, had to take Chicken out at 3:45 am, but she did everything, and it was mildly sleeting.
Slept until 5:45 or so, then hallucinated/dosed lightly until 8:30.
Took Chickie out again, now it was pouring.
Turned on the computer, took a shower, scrubbed the shower. Made a list of t.t.d.. Mailed nephew's bday present (only 45 days late), picked up a package - track photos of Axe! They are awesome- showing a win at Suffolk Downs.
Got Chickie's dog license, a coffee, and some stuff for my nose. Headed home back to the computer. At some point decided to look in the basement- oh good I say- it's dry. Let's see the sump. Well the hole is almost full, let's make it pump.
Oh good- it turns on, should be Ok. Oh-wait- the hole isn't emptying out- why not???!!! I figure this pump has shit the bed somehow, even tho it sounds like it's working, and spend $120 for a new one. Put that together, hook it to the hose, plug it in, the hole STILL isn't emptying, even tho the pump is running. Call Bob, who says the hose must be blocked.
I have to go out again for more new hose, what I have is impossible to tinker with. Hook that up, snake it out the cellar window (I like open windows around my pipes in the winter), YAY- it works!! Get that window as blocked as I can with packing peanuts and duct tape, brush all the friggin' cobwebs out of my hair. NOW I get to finish my coffee!
Emily comes home to ride; I see on the cameras that Bob L. has put the AssFace boy's crap nag next to my horse which absolutely sucks!!
So now it's almost 7:00, and not one friggin' stitch has been taken. I didn't go to stitching last night because of my headcold, then crapped out on the couch & went to bed early.
I can't even have a decent day off. Such is Murphy's Law.
If I survive this weekend it'll be a miracle.