Friday, March 2, 2007

Ya Know Murphy's Law?

That was today:
I took the day off because of my cold and the forecasted shiteous weather.
I slept lousy overnight, had to take Chicken out at 3:45 am, but she did everything, and it was mildly sleeting.
Slept until 5:45 or so, then hallucinated/dosed lightly until 8:30.
Took Chickie out again, now it was pouring.
Turned on the computer, took a shower, scrubbed the shower. Made a list of t.t.d.. Mailed nephew's bday present (only 45 days late), picked up a package - track photos of Axe! They are awesome- showing a win at Suffolk Downs.
Got Chickie's dog license, a coffee, and some stuff for my nose. Headed home back to the computer. At some point decided to look in the basement- oh good I say- it's dry. Let's see the sump. Well the hole is almost full, let's make it pump.
Oh good- it turns on, should be Ok. Oh-wait- the hole isn't emptying out- why not???!!! I figure this pump has shit the bed somehow, even tho it sounds like it's working, and spend $120 for a new one. Put that together, hook it to the hose, plug it in, the hole STILL isn't emptying, even tho the pump is running. Call Bob, who says the hose must be blocked.
I have to go out again for more new hose, what I have is impossible to tinker with. Hook that up, snake it out the cellar window (I like open windows around my pipes in the winter), YAY- it works!! Get that window as blocked as I can with packing peanuts and duct tape, brush all the friggin' cobwebs out of my hair. NOW I get to finish my coffee!
Emily comes home to ride; I see on the cameras that Bob L. has put the AssFace boy's crap nag next to my horse which absolutely sucks!!
So now it's almost 7:00, and not one friggin' stitch has been taken. I didn't go to stitching last night because of my headcold, then crapped out on the couch & went to bed early.
I can't even have a decent day off. Such is Murphy's Law.
If I survive this weekend it'll be a miracle.

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