Thursday, March 22, 2007

Progress pix...

Here's Kittys:

I started the roof, filled in the windows, and stitched 2 cats.

And here's Thoughts of Spring:

I have to check the chart again. I think I missed a stitch or 3 in the middle of the "P".
It's very hard to discern the negatives of the letters as I stitched. The other ladies (or bitches ;) were having the same problem. What I've stitched so far is almost a whole skein of floss: I have 2-plys x 36" long left, plus what's dangling from the needle.
This week has sucked dead llamas for stitching time.
Meanwhile, I'd advise all you cookie fiends out there ot check out Cookie Madness. Those chewy choc chip cookies were the best I've EVER had. Perfect by my standards of chewy, thickness & buttery taste. Those & them damn oatmeal things from 2 weeks ago- I;m getting fat & have to start running again pronto.

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