Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This was supposed to be a nice quiet easy week at work with the boss away.
A little extra uninterupted stitching time at lunch ;); some lazy blog reading; time to do my jigsaw in the morning.............yeah.........right!
He spent 15 minutes with me last Thursday before he left with notes to drawup a room over the mezzanine to the recycling facilty.
Starting Friday morning I've had a call from the developer- the big boss, numero uno hombre, then all this week, from the site manager, the Uncle of the money bags behind the project, the structural engineer, my boss like 15 times - DURING LUNCH TODAY!!!! ahem!
I fianlly calmed down to have a rational conversation with money bags #2 or #3, and will suck up & kiss ass by going over there tomorrow am on my way to work to do some measruring.
Supposedly he's stopping the whole job so I can go in there without a hard hat.
And on top of those calls, annoying calls from other people who I think are just checking that I'm there.
I did get a tiny bit of work done on Kittys. Not enough to assuage my guilt, but a little.
Yesterday i got the headline for Thoughts of Spring done, and a few stitches into the lower portion. I'll try to post pix tomorrow after S&B.

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