Monday, January 29, 2007

Old & Newer finishes plus more...

Here is my progress on Christmas Sampler. I hope to get more done today.
Here is my progress on Kittys. I am gradually getting more adept at my scanner program, and realized after several scans that I could rotate the image. I will try to edit this later when I get home tonight. Notice I changed the little kitty in the corner to black (well, WDW Soot). The opposite corner will be the same to represent my two kittys, Aslan and Rosalita. Rosie unfortunately passed away in November ;(. She was the sweetest cat I've EVER had. We miss her terribly.
This and the next:
are "Millenium 3" by Trail Creek Farm. I used WDW Schneckley (I think that's my fave color) on 18 ct ivory aida- just some old stuff I've had forever. There's a third design of an ornament. (Hence Millenium 3.) Still in the To-Do pile. SIGH
This is Sisters & Best Friends "And to All a Good Night". It's DMC on 28 ct Jobelan "Summer Sky". I still need to add a star charm, a bell and strings of beads on the tree. I had to do this after a string of much less colorful designs.

This was a dare project. We were discussing "odd"" colors of floss (as in "WHAT could this be used for?") at Deb's one night. She happened to gesture to Mermaid by WDW. I said (bravely) I know what I could use that for! and did this. It's "Acorns & Threads" by Barrick Samplers-small version - on 28 ct (maybe?) white linen. The linen seemed to have an uneven weave, not that it was described as such on the package. The design seemed to come out much more vertically than the chart indicated. I was anticipating something more square.

THIS is my masterpiece. Long Dog Sampler: St. Georges. Black DMC on 28 ct. white linen. It IS finished, just wouldn't fit on the scanner, and I do not have a digital camera. (So sad). I have a huge 20" x 20" frame from IKEA, with a perfectly sized pre-cut mat. I must take a day to mount this. I want to give it to my friends from M'boro who've moved to Maine.

This is Bent Creek's "Sweet Home". I SO love all these little house designs. I have so many different ones in stash. Must be the drafter in me!

I had more photos scanned but they didn't upload. I will have to re-post them later. Actually, it kind of changes the title of this post, because the stashed items are amongst the images that didn't appear. Well, at least the scanner didn't fail.

Friday, January 26, 2007

BBRRR!!!! Redux

Sorry not to have written this week- I've actually been stitching a few evenings.
Various people have ridden Ms. Axeu- I even got on Tuesday night to just cool her off for Amanda.
Emily is home, but untacking Axie at the moment. I'll be driving her to the BF's house later. (Damn!)
I cracked open the tuned-up sewing machine since I had it done almost a year ago- fine time to find out if it works! Seeing as it had a one year warranty on the tuneup. It worked great- just straight stitch, but it sounded like a new machine, much less whiny than I remembered.
I'll have to drag out my Xstitch pieces- I have a bunch that need zig-zaggged edges.
I have quite a bit of progrees on Kittys- the alphabet is 3/4's done or more. Xmas samplar has a bit of progress, and I started a Wish ornament.
I had vowed at Xstitch night the week after Xmas that I was going to try to do an ornament a month- BWA HA HA!!!
Doesn't appear I'll be getting the first one done on time, now does it??!!
Well, the kid will be back soon so I have to go- no sense letting her know I talk about her behind her back.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Most Depressing Day...

according to a British doctor. I think it's because the Patriots lost to the evil Colts yesterday.
I'm typing one fingered- Chicken is on my lap licking my left hand.
Oh happy day! (Did I say anything about schitzophrenia?) I finished my Long Dog St.Georges last night! I want to iron it before I scan it. I've found from my Webshots photos that the wrinlkles show up big time.
I also joined a Yahoo LongDog group. I'm still trying to find a pleasing color way instead of plain DMC.
I also have to scan in the rest of my stash I got the other night.
Bob's cough has resurged, and I'm very worried. It's affecting his sleep.
Jess rode the Axe tonight, so I'm off the hook. The baby boy people are there now,too.
Last night I made a package of Betty Crocker sugar cookies but stirred in some chopped macadamias, white chocolate chips and craisins. They came out pretty good. It's not quite the flavor I was hoping for, I think becuase of the dough base. I'll try the same combo of mix-ins with a batch of blondies- I think it's a brown sugar background I want.
Tonight I'm cooking a chuck steak like a beef stew- everything like the stew except cutting the meat into pieces.
Then I Formaned a cheeseburger for me and slipped bits of meat to Chicken.
I'm chilly so I'm off to start a fire , do the dishes call Bob and try to stitch.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Pony Pix...

I have to be quick- a client is on his way over >SIGH<

I took these pix off the barn cam's a couple of weeks ago- I thought I'd try adding photos from a different computer.
I also realize I must stop using exclamation points so often. (!!!!) HA!

Here's Emily riding bareback:

Here's Emily heading back to Axe's stall:

Here's a few of Axe having a nap after her "strenuous" workout:


And finally (Ain't she cute):

She kept letting her head nod back, then jerking upright again- so sleepy!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stash Flash!!

Stitching night tonight- fun as always. Here's my progress on "kittys":

It's a design by Sheepish Designs and I'm stitching it on 28ct. Jobelan "Stormy Gray" with mostly Crescent Colors (and one WDW).

Here's some stash- I had two more but the scanner all of a sudden decided that it was no longer connected!

New limited edition Blackbird Designs!! I have a thing for house designs (sheepishly).

Tonight Emily's friend Amanda rode the Axe, so I didn't have to. I had leftover quiche for supper- last night I made Martha Stewart's Pate brise crust, Forman'd an onion & green ppepper, added lots of cheddar and some leftover ham. It's very tasty- kind of like a Western Quiche (as opposed to omelet). Sauteing the veggies before hand makes them very soft and the onion becomes SO sweet.
I did a little bit on Xmas Sampler at work, but Greg came back after I completed the tree. I also started the upper alphabet. I'll try to scan tomorrow after a re-boot.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Work in Progress...

Here's my "small" called Christmas Sampler:
I have no idea why it keeps adding the photo above my text.
I'll have to check on this, but I have other things to do tonight.
I just wanted to make a post & see if I could get the scanner working.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well it's fianlly decided to be winter- not eveen 30 D today (don't know where the degree symbol hides).
No stitching the epast two nights, though I got some doen on Xmas Samplre at lunch yesterday--OMG!!! is that a speel check button?????

Why yes Virginai, there is a Santa Claus - WaIT! It highlites misspellings, but doesn't change. WHat good is that? I KNOW I've misspelled.

ANyway, Stitch N' Bitch tonight. I can't wait. I'll work on "Kittys"- because of it's size I decided it was too unwieldy to carry back & forth to work. I'll work on "smalls" at work, and frames at home & Deb's.

I still have to get to Walmart for salt and Aidan's b-day present. And take down Xmas decorations. I'm waiting for Emily to take a picture of the tree- I like one every year.

Bob came to visit Chicken yesterday afternoon becuase I had to go to a wake after work. He actually took her to MacDonalds for a Happy Meal! Well, only the burger, but he said she was in ecstasy. I can just picture her little face smiling away!

A girl who looked at 1/2-leasing Axe last summer re-contacted Emily, and is again interested. She's coming Friday afternoon to ride her. If she wants to lease, I'll have to coordinate her schedule with the Jimmy (AKA D'Jelle) ladies who I've given permission to ride the Axe.

I've been craving pot roast of all things the past couple of days, maybe because I'm imagining it will warm up my house without all the work of beef stew.

Monday, January 8, 2007

It's a Toss-Up

I don't know anymore if I like weekends better than weekdays.
Not-so-DD had boyfriend issues Saturday night, involving going to bed late, her BF showing up at my doorstep at 1:30 am causing Chicken to bark, me sending him away, then DD having an arguemnt (of the soon-to-break-up variety) over her phone in her bedroom across the hall from me at 2:30 am, then me having to get up at 4:03 am to be at the barn by 5:00.
I was home by 7:15, and after showering and washing a sink load of dishes (Xmas leftovers tossed to empty the containers), I tried to fall asleep on the couch, but was too cold, then my BF showed up. We watched the football double header, and ate a nice chicken dinner, which filled the sink again, but I got no rest and no stitching done. Nor did I get my errands at Walmart done.
At least during the week I can stitch (usually) at lunch break at work and there's thursday nite Stitch n' Bitch. Today I procrastimated about opening up Xmas Sampler, and just as I started my 2nd stitch (literally) my boss came back from his errands so I had to put it all away.
I am dying to start "Kittys". I also have to put my scanner back on the machine to scan my latest finishes. I am SO glad I started Stitch N' Bitch- it has made me so much more ambitious & productive. The group of ladies just crack me up- we laugh our asses off more than stitch some nights. They are a great bunch.
I shall sup then sticth.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Two Days in a Row!

I can't stand having found a great blog with lots of pix, adding it to my favorites, then they stop posting new entries. I had to make a whole sub-folder for "Low Activity" blogs. I read somewhere about the RSS feed button-thing-y, but I haven't figured it out yet.
So I will try to post often enough to not be shuffled off to the back corner of your computer's closet.
Of course, I also haven't figured out how to add photos & such to MY blog to make it more interesting, just the inescapable typos to add a little puzzle to your day:, " What the hell was she trying to write???"
SHow day at the farm tomorrow, plus it was wash the buckets weekend and make grain day. I was still doen in just over 5 hours; it helps that it was showering and the critters stayed in all day- god- those friggin' outfits!!!!
Tomorrow I have to be there by 5:00 am.
I wish I had more energy to stitch later into the evening.
I had my first finish this past week, and by gosh I finally cleaned up after myself for once and put the darnedpacket away, so I can;t remeber the naem- Fall something sampler - it has a big black crow in the middle and some stylized flowers around, a horizontal piece.
I'm working on "christmas Sampler" by Heart in Hand, about 1/3 done, and I have "Kittys" all kitted up and fabric cneterd on scroll rods, waiting for my fat laxy ass to sit on th ecouch, but SOME MORON decided a blog would be fun; I am SO screwed when the TV show schedule resumes. I don't have time to shave my legs never mind sew & blog too!

Friday, January 5, 2007

HA! And you thought you were safe!!

Welcome to the Wondreful Wide World of Blogs.
Before I get too far, I must inform you (my audiencee of one?) that my New Years' Resoltion is to not edit for typos!!! BWA HA AHHA!!! This is now Rule No.1 for mmembership in the World's Worst Typing Queen pagent.