Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well it's fianlly decided to be winter- not eveen 30 D today (don't know where the degree symbol hides).
No stitching the epast two nights, though I got some doen on Xmas Samplre at lunch yesterday--OMG!!! is that a speel check button?????

Why yes Virginai, there is a Santa Claus - WaIT! It highlites misspellings, but doesn't change. WHat good is that? I KNOW I've misspelled.

ANyway, Stitch N' Bitch tonight. I can't wait. I'll work on "Kittys"- because of it's size I decided it was too unwieldy to carry back & forth to work. I'll work on "smalls" at work, and frames at home & Deb's.

I still have to get to Walmart for salt and Aidan's b-day present. And take down Xmas decorations. I'm waiting for Emily to take a picture of the tree- I like one every year.

Bob came to visit Chicken yesterday afternoon becuase I had to go to a wake after work. He actually took her to MacDonalds for a Happy Meal! Well, only the burger, but he said she was in ecstasy. I can just picture her little face smiling away!

A girl who looked at 1/2-leasing Axe last summer re-contacted Emily, and is again interested. She's coming Friday afternoon to ride her. If she wants to lease, I'll have to coordinate her schedule with the Jimmy (AKA D'Jelle) ladies who I've given permission to ride the Axe.

I've been craving pot roast of all things the past couple of days, maybe because I'm imagining it will warm up my house without all the work of beef stew.

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Raven/Missy said...

If you left click the highlighted word it will give you choices for correct spelling. :)