Monday, January 29, 2007

Old & Newer finishes plus more...

Here is my progress on Christmas Sampler. I hope to get more done today.
Here is my progress on Kittys. I am gradually getting more adept at my scanner program, and realized after several scans that I could rotate the image. I will try to edit this later when I get home tonight. Notice I changed the little kitty in the corner to black (well, WDW Soot). The opposite corner will be the same to represent my two kittys, Aslan and Rosalita. Rosie unfortunately passed away in November ;(. She was the sweetest cat I've EVER had. We miss her terribly.
This and the next:
are "Millenium 3" by Trail Creek Farm. I used WDW Schneckley (I think that's my fave color) on 18 ct ivory aida- just some old stuff I've had forever. There's a third design of an ornament. (Hence Millenium 3.) Still in the To-Do pile. SIGH
This is Sisters & Best Friends "And to All a Good Night". It's DMC on 28 ct Jobelan "Summer Sky". I still need to add a star charm, a bell and strings of beads on the tree. I had to do this after a string of much less colorful designs.

This was a dare project. We were discussing "odd"" colors of floss (as in "WHAT could this be used for?") at Deb's one night. She happened to gesture to Mermaid by WDW. I said (bravely) I know what I could use that for! and did this. It's "Acorns & Threads" by Barrick Samplers-small version - on 28 ct (maybe?) white linen. The linen seemed to have an uneven weave, not that it was described as such on the package. The design seemed to come out much more vertically than the chart indicated. I was anticipating something more square.

THIS is my masterpiece. Long Dog Sampler: St. Georges. Black DMC on 28 ct. white linen. It IS finished, just wouldn't fit on the scanner, and I do not have a digital camera. (So sad). I have a huge 20" x 20" frame from IKEA, with a perfectly sized pre-cut mat. I must take a day to mount this. I want to give it to my friends from M'boro who've moved to Maine.

This is Bent Creek's "Sweet Home". I SO love all these little house designs. I have so many different ones in stash. Must be the drafter in me!

I had more photos scanned but they didn't upload. I will have to re-post them later. Actually, it kind of changes the title of this post, because the stashed items are amongst the images that didn't appear. Well, at least the scanner didn't fail.

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Raven/Missy said...

These are beautiful pieces! Well done!