Monday, January 22, 2007

The Most Depressing Day...

according to a British doctor. I think it's because the Patriots lost to the evil Colts yesterday.
I'm typing one fingered- Chicken is on my lap licking my left hand.
Oh happy day! (Did I say anything about schitzophrenia?) I finished my Long Dog St.Georges last night! I want to iron it before I scan it. I've found from my Webshots photos that the wrinlkles show up big time.
I also joined a Yahoo LongDog group. I'm still trying to find a pleasing color way instead of plain DMC.
I also have to scan in the rest of my stash I got the other night.
Bob's cough has resurged, and I'm very worried. It's affecting his sleep.
Jess rode the Axe tonight, so I'm off the hook. The baby boy people are there now,too.
Last night I made a package of Betty Crocker sugar cookies but stirred in some chopped macadamias, white chocolate chips and craisins. They came out pretty good. It's not quite the flavor I was hoping for, I think becuase of the dough base. I'll try the same combo of mix-ins with a batch of blondies- I think it's a brown sugar background I want.
Tonight I'm cooking a chuck steak like a beef stew- everything like the stew except cutting the meat into pieces.
Then I Formaned a cheeseburger for me and slipped bits of meat to Chicken.
I'm chilly so I'm off to start a fire , do the dishes call Bob and try to stitch.

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