Monday, January 8, 2007

It's a Toss-Up

I don't know anymore if I like weekends better than weekdays.
Not-so-DD had boyfriend issues Saturday night, involving going to bed late, her BF showing up at my doorstep at 1:30 am causing Chicken to bark, me sending him away, then DD having an arguemnt (of the soon-to-break-up variety) over her phone in her bedroom across the hall from me at 2:30 am, then me having to get up at 4:03 am to be at the barn by 5:00.
I was home by 7:15, and after showering and washing a sink load of dishes (Xmas leftovers tossed to empty the containers), I tried to fall asleep on the couch, but was too cold, then my BF showed up. We watched the football double header, and ate a nice chicken dinner, which filled the sink again, but I got no rest and no stitching done. Nor did I get my errands at Walmart done.
At least during the week I can stitch (usually) at lunch break at work and there's thursday nite Stitch n' Bitch. Today I procrastimated about opening up Xmas Sampler, and just as I started my 2nd stitch (literally) my boss came back from his errands so I had to put it all away.
I am dying to start "Kittys". I also have to put my scanner back on the machine to scan my latest finishes. I am SO glad I started Stitch N' Bitch- it has made me so much more ambitious & productive. The group of ladies just crack me up- we laugh our asses off more than stitch some nights. They are a great bunch.
I shall sup then sticth.

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Raven/Missy said...

How did you go about starting a "stitch and bitch" group? I would love to start one in my area and make some new friends.

(Yup I am reading your whole blog LOL)