Friday, January 26, 2007

BBRRR!!!! Redux

Sorry not to have written this week- I've actually been stitching a few evenings.
Various people have ridden Ms. Axeu- I even got on Tuesday night to just cool her off for Amanda.
Emily is home, but untacking Axie at the moment. I'll be driving her to the BF's house later. (Damn!)
I cracked open the tuned-up sewing machine since I had it done almost a year ago- fine time to find out if it works! Seeing as it had a one year warranty on the tuneup. It worked great- just straight stitch, but it sounded like a new machine, much less whiny than I remembered.
I'll have to drag out my Xstitch pieces- I have a bunch that need zig-zaggged edges.
I have quite a bit of progrees on Kittys- the alphabet is 3/4's done or more. Xmas samplar has a bit of progress, and I started a Wish ornament.
I had vowed at Xstitch night the week after Xmas that I was going to try to do an ornament a month- BWA HA HA!!!
Doesn't appear I'll be getting the first one done on time, now does it??!!
Well, the kid will be back soon so I have to go- no sense letting her know I talk about her behind her back.

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