Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Finish & a Start

Here's Bittersweet Moon:

Blackbird Designs
“Bittersweet Moon”
28 ct. Cashel “Relic”, recomended WDW & GAST threads

I like how the "0"s in the year came out. Smyrna crosses I think over 4 threads.

Here's Emily at warmups for MHJ finals today. The "big" show is on Sunday. The other girl is her trainer, Liz. Liz is a very calm, low key girl- just the person to keep Emily calm & focused.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ok- everyone try this link:

If you're a parent, you'll be laughing your ass off.
And thanks to Emily for sending it to me!

You must scroll down to the "description" of the item up for bid (which has now closed, BTW)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well where have YOU been???

Some blogger- I think they're going to revoke my license!

I've lost my stitching mojo for sure- the only X's i've been making have been at S &B each Thursday evening. My boss has been out sick for a week- some major head cold for which he has been taking antibiotics for the past 2 days- but I haven't even stitched at work.

Major drama at the barn where I basically offered to quit so as to not have to deal with the assfaced boy. Basically he has been treating me, and during the week, Emily, like his own personal hired help, groom, lackey and maid. And I HAVE HAD IT! And I let the bosses know, and really want to bring the horse somewhere else and go back to drawing on Saturdays for Tom. But now the bosses are offering compromises, and Emily wants to stay, and I can't quit with the very strong possibility that they'll hire the assface boy to care for the horses- I wouldn't let him take care of my pet rock for Pete's sake!

Emily moves her stuff back to school next Wednesday, and has moved back to my house until then. Next week Ms.Axeu is having a sleepover at a friend's barn so she & Em can have extra training for the Mass Hunter/Jumper finals which will take place Labor day weekend. This will also factor into barn crap, as a new boarder is coming in with 11 horses, and the Axe has to move her stall- another thing that DOES NOT MAKE ME HAPPY!

The top photo is from a show about 3 years ago, the pink tack one is at team penning about 2 years ago- they had a ton o' fun!

Well, I hope to finish Bittersweet Moon tonight. I'll post a photo as promptly as possible.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Tears for a friend

Alicia of Posy Gets Cozy just lost her beloved Audrey, her little Corgi dog.
I don't know her personally, I've just been reading her blog since the beginning of the year.
Her writing style is so personable, and dear, funny, and even occasionally profound, she and her husband Andy, and Audrey, and her kitties just became like a part of my family.
I don't know how to insert links directly into a post, but a link to her blog is on the right side of the page- please read for yourselves just how precious little Audrey was, and say a prayer for Alicia & Andy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Holy Cow!

2 posts in one day!

Here's Bittersweet Mon's progress:

I have to do the moon, some of the berries and a couple or three acrons, plus the date to the lower left of the tree, and my initials under the tree. And i think that's it!

Here's Delilah lounging at the computer:

I got "Advantix" for the pets; the vet says it's the best, and will kill all adult fleas in 12 hours. Plus she said I could give Chickie 1/4 to 1/2 Benedryl tablet twice a day for the itch. She's been not scratchy for about 2 hours, and just scratched some more.

Kitty's starigna t my finges on the keyboard- OOOHH the pressure!!!!!!!!!!!


Has it been a week??!! I DO have progress on Bittersweet Moon- but no pictures. I'm almost done with it, actually.
Poor Chicken has been scratching herself crazy- the new kitten seems to have infested us with fleas. I never had a problem with Rosy & Aslan before. I called the vet today & she recommended Advantage over the Frontline Plus I'd been using. I have to pick that up tonight & get some for the cats, too.
I'm going to be SO in debt by the end of this month- Emily has a huge horse show at the end of the month, plus back-to-schcool shopping, plus inspect & oil change & 15,000 mile check-up my car, plus a delivery of fire wood, plus there's other stuff I'm forgetting. Oh- $200 spent at Walmart Saturday night.
I've been neglecting paperwork & mailing pacjkages & my boss is always around to screw up my lunch breaks, so no Thoughts of Baby for over 3 weeks.
The barn is REALLY sucking- wait until Emily finds out what happended last night!
I haven't benn slepping well AT ALL as you can see by my deteriorating typing skills.
Calgon take me away!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I worked lots of hours this weekend and ended by mowing 3/4 of my lawn. I still have to vacuum.

So when i ran out of gas i got one of these:
It's a Dairy Queen waffle bowl hot fudge sundae. Yum!

Here's progress on Bittersweet Moon:I haven't done anything on Thoughts of Baby for a couple of weeks; boss man has been in a lot. I also seem to have neglected my Xmas ornament of the month program. So many stitches to make, so little time. No further visible progress on the quilts since picking the combos, although, I received a Fabric Place coupon & would like to add some blues to what I have & get stash for a purple combo. AAARRRGGG! I MUST finish what I have & started FIRST!!

Here's some kitty loving:

That's Aslan facing the camera while Delilah gives him a hug. He's been so patient with her- he's really been missing his little sister.