Sunday, August 5, 2007


I worked lots of hours this weekend and ended by mowing 3/4 of my lawn. I still have to vacuum.

So when i ran out of gas i got one of these:
It's a Dairy Queen waffle bowl hot fudge sundae. Yum!

Here's progress on Bittersweet Moon:I haven't done anything on Thoughts of Baby for a couple of weeks; boss man has been in a lot. I also seem to have neglected my Xmas ornament of the month program. So many stitches to make, so little time. No further visible progress on the quilts since picking the combos, although, I received a Fabric Place coupon & would like to add some blues to what I have & get stash for a purple combo. AAARRRGGG! I MUST finish what I have & started FIRST!!

Here's some kitty loving:

That's Aslan facing the camera while Delilah gives him a hug. He's been so patient with her- he's really been missing his little sister.

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