Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well where have YOU been???

Some blogger- I think they're going to revoke my license!

I've lost my stitching mojo for sure- the only X's i've been making have been at S &B each Thursday evening. My boss has been out sick for a week- some major head cold for which he has been taking antibiotics for the past 2 days- but I haven't even stitched at work.

Major drama at the barn where I basically offered to quit so as to not have to deal with the assfaced boy. Basically he has been treating me, and during the week, Emily, like his own personal hired help, groom, lackey and maid. And I HAVE HAD IT! And I let the bosses know, and really want to bring the horse somewhere else and go back to drawing on Saturdays for Tom. But now the bosses are offering compromises, and Emily wants to stay, and I can't quit with the very strong possibility that they'll hire the assface boy to care for the horses- I wouldn't let him take care of my pet rock for Pete's sake!

Emily moves her stuff back to school next Wednesday, and has moved back to my house until then. Next week Ms.Axeu is having a sleepover at a friend's barn so she & Em can have extra training for the Mass Hunter/Jumper finals which will take place Labor day weekend. This will also factor into barn crap, as a new boarder is coming in with 11 horses, and the Axe has to move her stall- another thing that DOES NOT MAKE ME HAPPY!

The top photo is from a show about 3 years ago, the pink tack one is at team penning about 2 years ago- they had a ton o' fun!

Well, I hope to finish Bittersweet Moon tonight. I'll post a photo as promptly as possible.


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