Monday, August 13, 2007


Has it been a week??!! I DO have progress on Bittersweet Moon- but no pictures. I'm almost done with it, actually.
Poor Chicken has been scratching herself crazy- the new kitten seems to have infested us with fleas. I never had a problem with Rosy & Aslan before. I called the vet today & she recommended Advantage over the Frontline Plus I'd been using. I have to pick that up tonight & get some for the cats, too.
I'm going to be SO in debt by the end of this month- Emily has a huge horse show at the end of the month, plus back-to-schcool shopping, plus inspect & oil change & 15,000 mile check-up my car, plus a delivery of fire wood, plus there's other stuff I'm forgetting. Oh- $200 spent at Walmart Saturday night.
I've been neglecting paperwork & mailing pacjkages & my boss is always around to screw up my lunch breaks, so no Thoughts of Baby for over 3 weeks.
The barn is REALLY sucking- wait until Emily finds out what happended last night!
I haven't benn slepping well AT ALL as you can see by my deteriorating typing skills.
Calgon take me away!

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