Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On my Own (almost) Again...

Mumsie left today; I brought her to work with me & my brother picked her up to bring to Logan. She's called to say she's arrived.

I've applied pesticide around my foundation, cleaned 6 containers of leftovers from the frig, removed the bedding & folded up Mom's bed, moved Emily's college crap into the computer room, got gas for the mower & my car (I forgot this morning-oops!), returned DVD's & books to library, picked up a baby present for my friends Dianne & Jen (it's been 2 weeks & I haven't been to see the baby- SHAME on me!!)

I bought a butt-load of fabric today- 25% off sale ending today at Fabric Place.

I hope to make a crib quilt for the baby. Of course- Jen & Dianne aren't taking my calls, so maybe I won't have a chance to give them a quilt->sniff<
I want to make a Disappearing 9-Patch, a shown on Quilts & ATC's blog:

Here's my progress photos on Bittersweet Moon:
I miscounted the door opening and have since infilled (at which point I realized my error). Now I have to undo. No stitching until tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Belated Update:

I know, I know- where's the post?

We had a great time at S&B pot luck dinner at Jean's. Boy - she and Joanne really out-did themselves! They had prepared a huge grilled chicken Ceasar salad, with do-it-yourself toppings, plus Bertucci dinner rolls, and Jean generously opened her wine cellar for our grateful consumption. She & her husband Tom make regualr adventures to several Rhode Island vineyards so the wines were "local". I had a delicious red; I need to find out what it was.

There was also a cheese platter from Deb- a cheddar, a dilled something, and an apricot Stilton- very yummy. Linda provided pretzels and a lovely dipping honey mustard made on the Cape.

Jane made Gazpacho- I had never had it before, but it was SO good! She said it was Ina Gartens' recipe, which I have printed out for my own use! Carol made red velvet cake- another first for me- DELISH! Nancy brought chocolates- a local store, but I can't remember from where- a box of raspberry jellies and a box of nutted. My Mom provided a mix of deli olives and a jar of pickle spears. My lemon bars were good- they DID remove easily from the pan- could have been a bit more lemon-y though. The S'Mores bars were quite good. They definitely shouldn't be eaten in a refrigerated state- must be at room temp.

No stitching was accomplished, too much eating & gabbing!

Mom leaves tomorrow; my aunt has picked her up and will hopefully get her to The Fabric Place around the corner from work so I can meet up with them today. I got a 25% off coupon that's burning a hole in my pocket- and you should have seen Mom's eyes light up!

I still have to undo ( I hate the term "frog"!) the stitching above the door & the top of the door itself. I want to accomplish that before Thursday.

Bob & I (mostly Bob) took down my shit-eous fence this weekend. My yard looks lots bigger, but I feel naked & exposed. I'm already getting trash in the yard; it won't be too long before the neighborhood dog walkers are letting their gargantuan beasts dump ginormous piles o' shit on my virgin grass. Sigh! Hopefully, we'll be selling soon!

Here's a portion of that crappy fence (this was a GOOD section) behind my daughter when she was nice. This is her Senior prom dress- I thought she looked beautiful > wishful sigh <

Thursday, June 21, 2007


For some reason Blogger remembers me here at work! No typing user name & Password!
Tonight at S&B, we're going to Jean's house for a Pot-Luck X-Stitch night. I made lemon squares (and didn't look close enough to read I was I supposed to grease the pan!! I hope I can get them out) and S'Mores bars (courtesy of Cookie Madness- I'm tellin' ya- get yerself over to her blog if you 're a cookie fiend!) These babies look yummy!
I was able to stitch a little on Red House Sampler at work the other day; we didn't watch TV last night - Mom was reading a library book - so I pulled out Bittersweet Moon and did a lot on the house. I started to fall asleep, and maybe due to my sleepiness, I neglected to re-count the height of the front door opening I had left. When I got to infilling the door (all surrounded by pale blue siding stitches), I realized I was 2 whole rows short, which is a HUGE screw-up because the door has two sets of smyrna X's vertically, and I CAN'T fit the top set.
I'll have to undo (with a seam ripper no less) and re-stitch.
"I hate when that happens!" - Billy Crystal
"I know what you mean." - Christopher Guest

Have a photo:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Lost Weekend

I made quite a bit of progress on Bittersweet Moon last Thursday, however, since my scanner is currently hosting a bedside lamp on its top, I've unilaterally decided it's more trouble than it's worth to scan progress pix.
maybe I can still take a picture outside. No additional progress on The Red House Sampler. Greg said something about taking me to Connecticut on Tuesday to look at gyms- I REALLY don't think so.
Emily has been driving me nuts with her socializing- in & out at late hours, disrupting my sleep (and my mom's). I'm so afraid she'll let herself be involved in something stupid (i.e. illegal) with this group of kids she's been hanging out with- drinking or partying. I wish she was back with the old group, although she mentioned a couple of the boys turned into binge drinkers at college.
Ax lost a shoe yesterday. Unrideable for now.
I have to pay my car loan. This will have to suffice for a post.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Long & tiring week & weekend- got the mower fixed and the lawn mowed last night.

My brother picked Mom up yesterday to bring her to his house for the afternoon. ?

I'm bringing her back to his house Friday morning for my nephew's middle school graduation. Not before. He'll probably bring her back Friday night.

Wouldn't want her fraterinizing with her granchildren.

God- I feel like I've been running for a week.

I have progress pix from S&B, but it's been difficult & awkward to spend any time at the computer. I have Town Meeting tonight and HAVE to go because of the re-zoning issue.
It's promising to be a long meeting too. ANd it adds to my guilt quotient because Mom is sitting home alone, some more.

Fast Forward to next day:
HEY! Blogger remembered me!!
ANyway, our re-zoning article passed, and now my whole neighborhood is in the Commercial Use zone. The Wampanoags offered M'boro $7 million a year to "host" a casino, which they'll probably take, those low-life greedy bastards- they NEVER look past the end of the week. However, it might make our land more attractive to developers to locate a support business.
I have to take Mumsie to Walmart tonight, I have stuff to get as well.
There are now 3 baby robins (well as of yesterday morning- i haven't looked yet today for casualties) at the window sill here at work. Mommy robin seems to be rather immature- she was off for most of the morning yesterday hanging with her friends rather than caring for the tots. - Just checked- it looks like she was feeding just now- Pheww! I didn't like the idea of 3 deceased chicklets at the bathroom window!

Did you know that to cut & paste in blogger you can use highlight, then CTRL X, then CTRL V? Right clicking doesn't work. Haven't found the shortcut combo for "Copy".
Let's try adding a photo from Picasa:

This is the Lace Museum in Kenmare. It's on the second floor left side.The items were exquisite- some were antique, some new. Just jaw-dropping-ly awesome that some woman was able to fabricate such detailed, minute loops of thread into something so beautiful.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So here it is: almost 10:00 at night; I'm finally having supper- a bowl of cereal. We had a neighborhood meeting with the realtor about the re-zoning and I had to go up & make grain at the barn after.

I still have dishes to wash- someone made herself tacos for lunch and its associated greasy mess.

It's going to cost $660 to replace the fuel pump on Em's car and THEN I still have the cost of the tune-up & oil change.

Anyway: here's my progress on Bittersweet Moon:

Aren't those curly branches just the cutest??!! I am SO loving this design & can't wait to start more of my BBD stash.

Here's my new work piece:

It's Red House Sampler by Heart in Hand on unknown (cocoa-ish) color CC 28 ct. even weave with recommended GAST & WDW threads.

I've been lusting after Vickie Clayton silks lately- I want one for one (or more!) BBD project in particular from that book I bought. PLus I think I want to start either my other Long Dog or even re-do St. Georges in a variagated silk.

Well the dishes await, and then sleep. I've been reading the Secretariat book Em got me for Mother's Day- it's a good read. There's a TV movie about Ruffian Saturday night. I know already I'll cry.


Friday, June 1, 2007

A Morning Quickie:

Hi- I finished the tree trunk on Bittersweet Moon at S&B last night, but it didn't seem substantial enough to scan.
I did, however, proceed to make biscuits for my dinner when I got home. If you notice, I added a new Blog link to "Homesick Texan". If you hop over to there, and scroll down the page kind of far, there's a recipe for these homemade biscuits. They were very easy to make & delicious!
I was kind of tentative on the beating part, and will probably be a little more aggressive on my next go-round. I also used heavy cream, and may try buttermilk to see how the flavor changes.
My oven is tempermental- sometimes it seems to be too hot, so I slowed it down to 425 degrees, but then they should have cooked a little longer- they were a wee bit dough-y in the middle. I think if I had gone with the 450 degrees, I would have burned the bottoms, so next time I'll use the 425, but lengthen the time to 18-20 minutes.
But DO follow her steps in the beating & folding- it results in those pull-apart-layers the Thwack biscuits (another Homesick Texan phrase- but I bet you know what I mean!) have.
Back to work!