Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So here it is: almost 10:00 at night; I'm finally having supper- a bowl of cereal. We had a neighborhood meeting with the realtor about the re-zoning and I had to go up & make grain at the barn after.

I still have dishes to wash- someone made herself tacos for lunch and its associated greasy mess.

It's going to cost $660 to replace the fuel pump on Em's car and THEN I still have the cost of the tune-up & oil change.

Anyway: here's my progress on Bittersweet Moon:

Aren't those curly branches just the cutest??!! I am SO loving this design & can't wait to start more of my BBD stash.

Here's my new work piece:

It's Red House Sampler by Heart in Hand on unknown (cocoa-ish) color CC 28 ct. even weave with recommended GAST & WDW threads.

I've been lusting after Vickie Clayton silks lately- I want one for one (or more!) BBD project in particular from that book I bought. PLus I think I want to start either my other Long Dog or even re-do St. Georges in a variagated silk.

Well the dishes await, and then sleep. I've been reading the Secretariat book Em got me for Mother's Day- it's a good read. There's a TV movie about Ruffian Saturday night. I know already I'll cry.


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