Thursday, June 21, 2007


For some reason Blogger remembers me here at work! No typing user name & Password!
Tonight at S&B, we're going to Jean's house for a Pot-Luck X-Stitch night. I made lemon squares (and didn't look close enough to read I was I supposed to grease the pan!! I hope I can get them out) and S'Mores bars (courtesy of Cookie Madness- I'm tellin' ya- get yerself over to her blog if you 're a cookie fiend!) These babies look yummy!
I was able to stitch a little on Red House Sampler at work the other day; we didn't watch TV last night - Mom was reading a library book - so I pulled out Bittersweet Moon and did a lot on the house. I started to fall asleep, and maybe due to my sleepiness, I neglected to re-count the height of the front door opening I had left. When I got to infilling the door (all surrounded by pale blue siding stitches), I realized I was 2 whole rows short, which is a HUGE screw-up because the door has two sets of smyrna X's vertically, and I CAN'T fit the top set.
I'll have to undo (with a seam ripper no less) and re-stitch.
"I hate when that happens!" - Billy Crystal
"I know what you mean." - Christopher Guest

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