Friday, June 1, 2007

A Morning Quickie:

Hi- I finished the tree trunk on Bittersweet Moon at S&B last night, but it didn't seem substantial enough to scan.
I did, however, proceed to make biscuits for my dinner when I got home. If you notice, I added a new Blog link to "Homesick Texan". If you hop over to there, and scroll down the page kind of far, there's a recipe for these homemade biscuits. They were very easy to make & delicious!
I was kind of tentative on the beating part, and will probably be a little more aggressive on my next go-round. I also used heavy cream, and may try buttermilk to see how the flavor changes.
My oven is tempermental- sometimes it seems to be too hot, so I slowed it down to 425 degrees, but then they should have cooked a little longer- they were a wee bit dough-y in the middle. I think if I had gone with the 450 degrees, I would have burned the bottoms, so next time I'll use the 425, but lengthen the time to 18-20 minutes.
But DO follow her steps in the beating & folding- it results in those pull-apart-layers the Thwack biscuits (another Homesick Texan phrase- but I bet you know what I mean!) have.
Back to work!

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