Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Lost Weekend

I made quite a bit of progress on Bittersweet Moon last Thursday, however, since my scanner is currently hosting a bedside lamp on its top, I've unilaterally decided it's more trouble than it's worth to scan progress pix.
maybe I can still take a picture outside. No additional progress on The Red House Sampler. Greg said something about taking me to Connecticut on Tuesday to look at gyms- I REALLY don't think so.
Emily has been driving me nuts with her socializing- in & out at late hours, disrupting my sleep (and my mom's). I'm so afraid she'll let herself be involved in something stupid (i.e. illegal) with this group of kids she's been hanging out with- drinking or partying. I wish she was back with the old group, although she mentioned a couple of the boys turned into binge drinkers at college.
Ax lost a shoe yesterday. Unrideable for now.
I have to pay my car loan. This will have to suffice for a post.

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