Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On my Own (almost) Again...

Mumsie left today; I brought her to work with me & my brother picked her up to bring to Logan. She's called to say she's arrived.

I've applied pesticide around my foundation, cleaned 6 containers of leftovers from the frig, removed the bedding & folded up Mom's bed, moved Emily's college crap into the computer room, got gas for the mower & my car (I forgot this morning-oops!), returned DVD's & books to library, picked up a baby present for my friends Dianne & Jen (it's been 2 weeks & I haven't been to see the baby- SHAME on me!!)

I bought a butt-load of fabric today- 25% off sale ending today at Fabric Place.

I hope to make a crib quilt for the baby. Of course- Jen & Dianne aren't taking my calls, so maybe I won't have a chance to give them a quilt->sniff<
I want to make a Disappearing 9-Patch, a shown on Quilts & ATC's blog:

Here's my progress photos on Bittersweet Moon:
I miscounted the door opening and have since infilled (at which point I realized my error). Now I have to undo. No stitching until tomorrow.


Chelle said...

Wow, you've been busy! Great fabric stash, and Bittersweet Moon is looking good. Bummer about having to undo!

XmaryX said...

Thanks for the kind words, Chelle, and for being my first commentor!