Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Here's my progress on Red House Sampler- I've managed a couple of days of stitching at lunch at work. I'm pleased with the variagation in the tree.
Here's my new start: "Thoughts of Baby" by Erica Michaels on 28 ct jobelan "Raspberry Lite"- the haze of pink is just that- clouds of pink across a white field. I'm using Crescent Colors "Prickly Pear". This represents 2 hours of work. I will be taking a photo of Bittersweet Moon's progress when I get home today & post. The people on the 15th floor are leaving early today, while those on the third floor are kiss-asses and are staying until 4:00. ME- I'm leaving by noon.
I washed all my fabric, and supplemented with stash, and have to iron it all. I want to start cutting out 4" squares today. Greg's daughter is having her baby any minute; I think I'll have enough fabric for two quilts. Tomorrow I'm off, and I'm NOT going to work at the barn. I need to sleep until I wake up. The weather has been glorious the past few days- nice & cool and perfect for sleeping in. Then I hope to be up and stitching something- either cross stitch or quilts.
See you this afternoon.

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