Thursday, July 5, 2007

Well, well, well

Didn't get to the picture of Bittersweet moon (yet). I'll be sure to take one when I get home before S&B tonight. I did get 4" squares cut from all my fabric for the baby quilt(s) Tuesday afternoon. I had quite a lot of fabric to iron & cut. Then yesterday morning I got caught up in cleaning my baking cupboard- at soem point a bottle of those silver dragees (is that right??) you know- those little silver sugar balls for cake decorating- spilled and collected at the bottom of the cabinet (wall hung). I've been seeing a few ants while & since Mom was here, and after a bit of investigation, it seems they've been attracted to this sweet sticky mess. At first I was only seeing 3 ants pig-piling, but Tuesday night I saw a pig-pile of ants pig-piling over it, so I knew I had to take action. DONE!
I wanted to make a lemon meringue pie for the 4th, but Bob came as I was airing the cleaning agent-smell from the cabinet, so I ran out of time.
We did hot dogs & potato salad for lunch, then burgers around supper.
She-who-shall-not-be-named (for now) made herself Velveeta with hamburger. She really needs to clean up her greasy mess afterwards. I'm starting to feel sorry for her former roomate.
I did get her car's inspection sticker with no problems, other than that they didn't give me the report that it had passed. Bob had gotten a letter from the registry to return the plates because it had failed the emissions, even though my 60-day re-test period hadn't passed. I hope I won't need that report.
I will REALLY try to post later.

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