Thursday, July 12, 2007

S & B Progress pix...

Here's Bittersweet Moon:

I added a couple of the leaves & infilled stem vein, plus started the alphabet, and added one of the stars.

Here's Thoughts of Baby:

Sorry it's dark- I scanned it & it's rolled on the strtcher bars so it's not in contact with the platen. It's coming along nicely though.

Here's Red House Sampler:

I finished the red of the house & the bush & started the windows.
Here's that WDW Cadet color discrepancy I mentioned a couple of posts ago:I hope it's more apparent on a newer monitor- mine here at home is dying and displays colors too dark. The full skein is much greener that the used one. The used one is what I stitched the house in on Bittersweet Moon.

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