Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm SO Bummed Out!

I filled out a survey the other day: I'm now in the next group of ages: 45-54!!!

I've been wanting to stitch but weekends are pretty much shot, and I had a Walmart run last night and install the window air conditioner. Tonight's project is 3 months of bank account reconciliation. Oh what fun!!

Have a photo:

Those are the Skellig Islands in the distance. This was that spectacular Saturday we had.

Here's inside a little art gallery we found just outside Ballinskellig: The fish's scales & fins are knives, forks and/or spoons.

Here is a castle ruin on the way past Kilorgin. It was close to the little replica village we toured.

I'm becoming VERY jealous of Jane. I desperately want to go back.


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