Thursday, July 5, 2007


So I forgot to take a photo before I went to S&B- so sue me!!
Here's one after:

I won't show you what the "undo" portion looks like on the back; let's suffice it to say that it will probably involve Fray-Check to make it permanent. I bought a replacement skein of WDW Cadet, which is the body color of the house (as in pale blue). The new skein is drastically different than the old. the new is much more green-ish blue. I should take another picture with both colors side-by-side to show you.

Here's little Chicken: she's jonesing for a hot dog:

She said she noticed that she was overlooked yesterday at cheeseburger time; she thought she had waited long enough thank you, so could she have her burger now please?

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