Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Blahs

Rainy, humid Monday. I need sedatives for Chicken when it thunders- she quakes like she's about to go into cardiac arrest. And she sticks to my side like super glue, including jumping into the shower with me this morning!

Here's my progress on Bittersweet Moon from S&B Thursday:

The alphabet is done except for the "G", and i added another star. Here's a close-up of the berries & acorns- Smyrna crosses over 2 threads, I think, and acorns over one:

Here's what I hope is a better shot of the 2 different WDW Cadets:

The skein on the left being new, and on the right the older skein with which I stitched the house.

Below is what I think will be my pink nine patch baby quilt combo:

and here are the 2 possibilities of the darker, blue combo. I only changed the top upper right square for the 2 combos:I think I like the lower set better.

I haven't been baking at all- it's been way too hot and humid, and I have no AC except for the computer room.

I've been depressed lately, and wanting to just cry at random times. I think I need more sleep, but don't have time even for that. I'm tired of the "Drama of the Stupid People" at the barn; most of the people up there are just so f$#-!!-d up, it's not funny. I'm thinking of checking on the rates at another barn where I know the owners are sane, stable (no pun intended!), and NICE; where I won't be treated like a citizen from the 3rd world because I shovel stalls on weekends. I think they're cheaper. They may have shoveling positions; if not, I'll check into either UPS or FedEx or Walgreens to see how few hours I can work & still get health insurance- another insurmountable problem that has my hair turning white with anxiety. God damned state of Massachusetts & it's foolish "universal health care". What's wrong with paying out of pocket???

Ireland so made me happy...

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