Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I think I finally have some breathing room. I drove Em’s stuff into Boston yesterday to move her into her new dorm room. All that hunting & gathering and angsting about driving & parking in Boston is OVAH! The drive home totally wiped me out, though. I don’t know how people can stand to drive in & out of the city everyday.  My sciatic nerve was spasm-ing in both legs and I had to pull over about 5 miles from home so I could stretch- I thought I was going to scream or not be able to move my foot from gas to brake.

She’s still seems to be missing some stuff, but that’s due to the chaotic move-out we did last spring, and she never went thru her stuff to straighten or throw out anything after. Her new dorm is kind of cute- it would be even better if her roommate didn’t intend to have her boyfriend stay over often. So instead of both beds in the back room, one (the roommate’s) is in the back room, and the other (Em’s) is in what should be the living room. And the living room is SO not big enough to be BOTH a living room and a bedroom. There’s also this way too big kitchen table that can’t be removed or exchanged (furniture inventory would get screwed up), which wouldn’t be a problem if both beds could be in the bedroom.

Anyway- I started the LHN Blue & Silver ornament from the JCS ornament preview issue. I’m dreading the silver!!!jcs silverblue ornament

Axe has been good; I’m starting to think she just needs stronger joint supplements so I’ve been researching that- it’s SO confusing!! And now that the air is turning more fall-like, maybe I won’t have to be so long at the barn cooling her off after a ride. My boy kitty though, is failing. He’s been peeing in very inappropriate places, last night on my bed (again!) (((while I slept!!!) (EEEEWWWW!!!) so I think it’s time to let him go.

Well, I'm hungry, so I'm offf to rummage in the refrig.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

And she actually stitched something!

Rites of Spring:


This is close to the actual fabric color; I accidentally had camera in "Scene" mode. Don't ask me what that is- it was an accident.

This corresponds to all my other snaps:ROS 08B

I finished my second Quaker Smalls Xmas ornament:

Quaker Christmas Small2

Link to other one.

Here's Chickie playing with one of her thousand toys:



In repose:DSCN6115

Did you say you had cupcakes?



Catch the kitty with the camera! Yeah....rrriiiiggghhhht!

Tonight at S &B, we had more cupcakes from Cupcake Charlie's. Talk about the yum!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 2 Girls:




She says she feels OK, off at first, then working out of it. I don't know. :^(

Friday, August 15, 2008


Beezie Madden appears to be in first for stadium jumping with 2 riders to go! Hope this link works! NBC Olympic coverage.


Apparently, 14 riders are tied for first, including McLain Ward and Will Simpson, who also ride for the US team.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

And Now, Something We Hope You'll Really Like...

In which she posts (drumroll please) progress photos!!!:

ROS 07

Rites of Spring. I seem to be off a little between the tree trunk and the left circle. Oh well.

quaker xmas 205

Almost done- just 14 days too late for being a July ornament- and I started it early too!

I had FIOS TV installed today, so when the guy left I did some hedge trimming, then stacked firewood:

firewood 1

These 2 stacks were done, and this is what's left:

firewood 2

The left-most stack above had been leftover from last season, under the blue tarp that's rolled back. I probably have 3/4 to 2/3 of this year's cord of wood to stack up still.

It's going to hurt tomorrow. Me thinks a PMS/menopausal episode is coming on, too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Little Relief...

I have 8 of 13 items crossed off the to-do list, I found 3 local heating oil places that have dropped their cash price to just under $4.00/gallon (last week prices! so it's a tad lower as of today I bet), most of the text books are ordered & shipped, tax- free weekend coming up so I can buy minimal kitchen stuff for new apartment dorm- cheaper meal plan because she'll have a kitchenette; most importantly- Em rode the Axester today and she says she felt really good! YAY! I've been hand walking her since Friday. I'm still going to try changing her joint supplement for additional protection, and save up for the vet to re-evaluate her condition. There's an intermuscular injection that a lot of people have had good luck with, but I'll have to have a prescript for that.  I've been so worried about Axe- I know she's been hurting, but is so well-behaved she'll just go until she drops as long as I ask her to. Jodi said I could get her additional stall mats for more cushioning. OOH- that would be a good thing to get on tax-free weekend!

Emily next to Princess Princess

These are photos from the first summer/fall Emily owned Axe. Axe was nine, Em was 14.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry, SO Sorry!

My mind is mush- too many things to try to keep track of these days. Not much stitching- only Rites of Spring from S&B last Thursday.
Off to do dishes and gathering togther of notes & other reminfders so I don't forget anything.
See Bunny Quote.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My head is about to explode. Tuition payment due next Thursday and I have to call to find out how my loan application is doing. And ask a bunch of other pertinent questions about associated loan & move-in things: 2 Post-it's worth of questions.
Emily came home for a bit yesterday. She ended up NOT riding, but we went up to visit her horse and I trotted her on a lead rope around the ring. And her verdict was that Axe is definitely off in her back end somewhere.
Just pile on the worry....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here they are...

Progress photos:

Rites of Spring:

ROS 06

More birds. I think I'll save this in case a wedding comes up, so I can personalize it at that time.

And Quaker Christmas Smalls #2:

quaker xmas 204

This after 6 more plies of floss- sorry for the wrinkle.

There you have it.

I helped Dianne at Alice's barn this morning doing stalls, went up to see Ms. Axeu, came home & showered and had lunch, then crashed on the couch for a nap, during which I had a series of bizarre dreams. Must have been something I ate.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Downs and Ups...

I went to check on the Axe yesterday, and my rock-star farrier was there tacking her shoe back on- YAY!

Then, he told me some disturbing news about the woman who owns the barn I was hoping to move to before I ended up where I am now. Poor Alice, who's only my age (south of 50 but north of 45), had a stroke this week! He had very little info, so after he left, I gave the horse a quick ride to remind her that it's not all grass, hay and cribbing for free, and called my friend Dianne for more news.

Apparently she's home, and up & about, but weak on one side. I'm going over tomorrow morning to help with stalls with Dianne.

I'm aghast! Alice doesn't smoke, drinks very little, works with horses (I think about 10) every day, so she's in good physical condition. I guess we can't always have warnings for these things, but Jeez Louise- now I think I need a I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up  Button.

I stitched 6 more strands or I should clarify- PLIES of floss into my Quaker ornament, and I worked on Rites of Spring Thursday. The humidity here is like breathing thru a paper bag; I just don't have the ambition to do the camera to the computer thing; bear with me- I'll get to it ASAP.