Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Little Relief...

I have 8 of 13 items crossed off the to-do list, I found 3 local heating oil places that have dropped their cash price to just under $4.00/gallon (last week prices! so it's a tad lower as of today I bet), most of the text books are ordered & shipped, tax- free weekend coming up so I can buy minimal kitchen stuff for new apartment dorm- cheaper meal plan because she'll have a kitchenette; most importantly- Em rode the Axester today and she says she felt really good! YAY! I've been hand walking her since Friday. I'm still going to try changing her joint supplement for additional protection, and save up for the vet to re-evaluate her condition. There's an intermuscular injection that a lot of people have had good luck with, but I'll have to have a prescript for that.  I've been so worried about Axe- I know she's been hurting, but is so well-behaved she'll just go until she drops as long as I ask her to. Jodi said I could get her additional stall mats for more cushioning. OOH- that would be a good thing to get on tax-free weekend!

Emily next to Princess Princess

These are photos from the first summer/fall Emily owned Axe. Axe was nine, Em was 14.

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Melissa33 said...

Axe is a very beautiful horse!