Monday, June 11, 2007


Long & tiring week & weekend- got the mower fixed and the lawn mowed last night.

My brother picked Mom up yesterday to bring her to his house for the afternoon. ?

I'm bringing her back to his house Friday morning for my nephew's middle school graduation. Not before. He'll probably bring her back Friday night.

Wouldn't want her fraterinizing with her granchildren.

God- I feel like I've been running for a week.

I have progress pix from S&B, but it's been difficult & awkward to spend any time at the computer. I have Town Meeting tonight and HAVE to go because of the re-zoning issue.
It's promising to be a long meeting too. ANd it adds to my guilt quotient because Mom is sitting home alone, some more.

Fast Forward to next day:
HEY! Blogger remembered me!!
ANyway, our re-zoning article passed, and now my whole neighborhood is in the Commercial Use zone. The Wampanoags offered M'boro $7 million a year to "host" a casino, which they'll probably take, those low-life greedy bastards- they NEVER look past the end of the week. However, it might make our land more attractive to developers to locate a support business.
I have to take Mumsie to Walmart tonight, I have stuff to get as well.
There are now 3 baby robins (well as of yesterday morning- i haven't looked yet today for casualties) at the window sill here at work. Mommy robin seems to be rather immature- she was off for most of the morning yesterday hanging with her friends rather than caring for the tots. - Just checked- it looks like she was feeding just now- Pheww! I didn't like the idea of 3 deceased chicklets at the bathroom window!

Did you know that to cut & paste in blogger you can use highlight, then CTRL X, then CTRL V? Right clicking doesn't work. Haven't found the shortcut combo for "Copy".
Let's try adding a photo from Picasa:

This is the Lace Museum in Kenmare. It's on the second floor left side.The items were exquisite- some were antique, some new. Just jaw-dropping-ly awesome that some woman was able to fabricate such detailed, minute loops of thread into something so beautiful.

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ctrl plus C is copy..hold ctrl key and press c to copy highlighted text. ctrl+v pastes it :)