Friday, January 5, 2007

HA! And you thought you were safe!!

Welcome to the Wondreful Wide World of Blogs.
Before I get too far, I must inform you (my audiencee of one?) that my New Years' Resoltion is to not edit for typos!!! BWA HA AHHA!!! This is now Rule No.1 for mmembership in the World's Worst Typing Queen pagent.

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Philoso-her said...

Hi friend,

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog this morning, which I'd discovered through the Joffrey site. I went through all your entries and really loved seeing your beautiful needlepoint and reading about Ms. Axeu and her and your other babies (Chicken and kitties) pics.

I live in Miami so I don't know how you deal with the cold up there! Anyway, thanks for making such a nice blog.

(my current blog is at, but for some reason this site wants me to put in the Google Blogger ID)