Monday, February 5, 2007

Suck, Suck Suck!!

I'm OCD-ing about preparing my tax returns (Emily's too) so that I can THEN do my CSSPRofile & Fafasa.

I just did my return and I'll get a good refund, however I relaized while scanning my Xmas Sampler update that I didn't adjust for cash payments Em & the AF made.

Suck- REDO!

Colts won the SuperBowl-Suck #2!

No stitching this wekend-Suck #3- no time long story but here's the latest on Xmas Sampler:

I'll be angsting over tax-related documents the next few days- I can't be beholden to the blog with that crap hanging over my head. I'll try to get back soon.

Oh- and SUCK #4: bossman has been at work way too much so no stitching there either.

TTFN regretfullly

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