Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A well deserved day off:

I had a snow day today, although we got barely a half inch of snow. I almost guilted myself into going to work, except work is 30 miles north into the cold & snowier conditions, so I snuggled under the covers until 7:30. I haven't done that since Xmas week!
I gave CHicken a bath and blow dry,made the beds, mounted my TW Fruit bellpull on my floorstand so i can finally put the backstitching & beads in the border. This piece has been under plastic wrap on top of my TV for probably 5 years, if not longer.
Then I started getting water drips inside my bay window from the ceiling, so I had to go out & dig all the packed snow dregs from the gutter & pour hot water in to get all the rain flowing. In the 9 years here, thta's never happened before. My paltry handiman efforts appear to have been successful- the drips stopped.
I had to go to the barn because the blacksmith was coming to put new shoesies on the horsie.
When I got back Emily had written an email about her poor bedraggled wet mis-adventures getting to classes today. She was so depressed she was thinkning of skipping chocolate nite at the dinner hall, so i offered to get her candy at the drugstore. Boy- everyone had the same idea- I couldn't even find a parking space.
I'm very worried about Bob- he somehow got a serious infection in his middle finger of his bad hand- the finger is swollen at least double what it should be. The ER dr. prescribed him an antibiotic, which, had he gotten it filled & started taking it, would have put him into convulsions or killed him. He got a different Rx the next day, and the infection hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten much better either. He has an app't tomorrow or Friday with a specialist. He's hoping to get a referral to a real dr in Boston- the one who did the surgery a long time ago.
Carol, had some nice fabrics for sale to help with her kitties vet bills. (I know there's a way to substitute Carol's name for the hyperlink, but no one's informed me yet how to do that). She had a nice pink- that looks like it'll match Emily's comforter set at school, that I can use for the Eiffel tower chart. It was only $8. Then, she had a piece of 32 ct. Silkweavers in "Stormy-something" for $15, so I got that as well.
I can't wait to receive them.
I love Carol's blog- I think it's my favorite. She updates everyday, with photos of her rotation. Her Paradigm Lost is just stunning. I'm going to have to start that soon.
Carol in fact is the person who suggsted I start blogging.
Maybe if i didn't feel so compelled to make each entry a mini-novella, i wouldn't angst so much about making an entry.
OH!- I finished Christmas Sampler at lunch yesterday- except for the charm. I will post a pix later. Meantime- here's the Fall Floral Sampler I finished a couple of weeks ago- it needs ironing:

Well, seeing as I haven't stitched a single 'X" today, I will try before Lost comes on tonight. I guess i'll work on my Wish ornament.


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