Monday, February 26, 2007

Just Swell ;(

Some blogger I turned out to be- it's been over a week and this is just a guilt post.
8 hours at the shit mines Saturday & another 6 yesterday. I was wiped. Saturday night on the couch my feet started cramping.
Yesterday was Nascar. I really have to get a reading lamp so I can stitch if Bob is going to have that car racing death-by-boredom thing on. I believe they said that there's no racing next week- two weeks until "Las Vegas". I'll have to get 'The Departed", seeing as it won some Oscars and all.
Still haven't loaded the software for my camera on the computer; I should take photos of my progress on Kittys- i finished the body of the house and started filling in the windows last Thursday.
I should ride tonight, Emily thinks she wants to try for MHC finals. I think that means the BF should be shit-canned.
I will try to post later with some pix.
Mea Culpa re: my blogging (or non-blogging) skills.

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