Sunday, February 18, 2007


I've contacted my Irish friend Denis to finally visit ireland. i'm taking my mom, who has always wanted to go.
THEN- Bob at the barn gave me a digital camera! A Nikon 3100. It's been refurbished/re-conditioned, but it has all its stuff, and it's just what I can use.
Now I can take photos of my stuff- no more scans!!
I still have to load the software, and i have to get a battery re-charger.
I'm so psyched -i was starting to look into gettign something for my trip (see first sentence), and the least i could get away with was around $140.
Bob's finger looks terrible- it's getting bruised looking, and still swollen. He can't even bend it.
I made a rotisserie chicken for dinner today. It was excellent , as always (not due to any extra effort on my part- it's the machine who gets the credit), but I have a butt-load (have you seen my butt lately??!!) of dishes to wash now.
and I'm SO tired!!! Another weekend of NO stitching.
All day long shoveling shit, and i dream about the stitching I want to be doing. Then i get home too exhausted and/or with too many other chores left to do and not enough energy to do them with. My hands are sore & chapped, and Chicken constantly wants to go out to pee after she has to waste 15 minutes of my life (on a multi-daily basis) sniffing every frickin blade of grass in the yard.
Speaking of which..........
Gotta go.

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