Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sigh of relief!

Well, I didn't die this weekend from my cold.
Bob helped with my sump piping- I took a chance & guessed that the blockage was in the yard- we cut the hose outside the house, kicked the pump on, and sure enough, water came out!
We rigged some old downspouts together. I'm going to check for a downspout-to-hose adapter to get the outfall furtheraway from the house.
I pulled the hose out from the window & closed & re-insulated- just in time for the deep freeze in a couple of days.
I tightened the clamp on the washer machine hose so THAT won't spray all over the basement.
I cooked bacon & eggs for dinner today- I'm not finding that satisfying at all lately.
After Bob left, i was going to go out for a burger, then decided I'd rather stitch- seeing as i still had some energy left(surprise!), and eat soem of my 75% off Valentines choclates.
No race driving today- instead we had on some insipid Dick Van dyke /Matlock drama- just as bad if you ask me.
Well- off to stitch before I run out of ambition.

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