Sunday, March 18, 2007

Not much happening..

We had the huge slush storm Friday into Saturday; the barn roof leaked like a sieve. The floor had spalsh-thru puddles. I was done early today though, too icy to send horsies out.

I even beat Bob here.

We went for burgers at the A-frame; Bob at the barn recommended them. They were awesome- 1/2 pound, juicy, cheesy, grilled onions...umm-umm-MMMMM!!

The onion rings were the tenderest I can remember having. The fries were excellent- perfectly cooked. The rings & fries needed some salt as they came out of the fryer, but tasty none the less.

Here's my progress on Thoughts of Spring:

The scanner makes the fabric look blue-ish- it's really just white. The floss loooks grayed here too.
Every one was working on this, so I still haven't gotten back to Kittys.

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