Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

A friend emailed this to me:

To All:
Today is Tax Day.
Remember to pay your taxes.
The following people are depending on you:
1. Illegal aliens.
2. Unwed mothers
3. Section 8 housing
4. Upside down mortgage holders with 2 SUV's and the 10 rm house.
5. Welfare recipients.
6. Disaster relief around the world.
7. Planned Parenthood
8. Politicians
9. Car Manufacturers
10. Banks
11. Insurance companies
12. Credit card companies
13. Mortgage companies
14. Lawyers
15. Drug dealers

Please feel free to add your own comments

16. Foreign Aid to countries that hate America
18. Pension plans for Mass. toll takers and politicians


Sorry to be such a crap-tastic blogger these days; I realized this morning we're half-way thru the month and I've only made 4 postings (not including this one). I've been very chronically challenged these days and I can't really figure out why. I know I'm spending a little more time at the barn (extra daylight & comfortable temperatures?), but not tons of extra time. I don't know what'll happen when I have to start mowing the lawn! Maybe I'll have to wear one of those flashlights on my forehead and mow in the dark.......


OnTheBit said...

Hey Mary, yes...that is what Gen had done, but I don't think Gen was a part of that specific study (he was in a bunch though so I could be wrong). How cool is that though? That they are starting to do stem cells on humans!

Wanda said...

You list looks good to me. You'll get into the swing of things. Everything works out