Friday, April 3, 2009

Déjà Vu

It was humid and close to 60 degrees today, so I thought Axe's lined sheet would be a bit too warm for her. I looked at last year's unlined sheet, &  someone, who shall remain nameless, neglected to wash it last fall. (Who, me???) So I found a satin sheet to bring up, the only other clean one being a non-waterproof cotton sheet. Em had spent a lot of time giving Axe a spa day- she was absolutely gleaming, and her mane had been pulled so she didn't look like a Friesian anymore;

pulledmane( Can you see that?)

I put the satin sheet on (bright red!), told her not to get dirty and headed to the supermarket. I texted Em to get her OK on the sheet- in the back of my mind I was wondering if it would make her too warm due to lack of breathability. So I realize in the store, I had meant to exchange a bottle of mouthwash I had bought last week (wrong kind), and then Em wrote back that the satin sheet is, in fact, the one that makes her sweat bullets. So I get home, drop off the groceries, get the cotton sheet and the mouthwash, and repeat my evening: barn, change sheets, then supermarket.

My, my: someone's packed on a few lbs! The bottom of the sheet barely comes to the bottom of her belly! I don't remember it having such a short drop! Well, it'll have to do for the night. I came home and rummaged thru all my dirty horse laundry. I was going to put a load of 2 appropriate sheets in the wash, but eeeewwww!!!! those crusty leg straps just negated THAT idea! So the 2 worst will go to the horse laundry for professional cleaning, and I put a less dirty one in the machine.

And that is how I spent my evening. Oh and I finished the stocking, but I'll take a picture tomorrow.

So There!

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Wanda said...

I can relate to those extra winter pounds! CRAP