Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm entering page 5 territory, with just a couple of partial motifs left on page 4:


I kind of found a way to display it to take a straight-on picture. This'll be a bitch when I'm on page 15.

Here's where I left off on the BBD stocking last week:

Mar 04

I'm liking how this is coming out. Now if I'd devote an hour to it, I could have it finished and start on the next one.

Bob had his surgery Monday to repair his torn Achilles tendon. He was having breathing issues so they gave him an epidural or something similar so he was awake for it. He's in a lot of pain now, and can't get comfortable. He's got good pain drugs, but he says it only gives him about an hour of relief.  His surgeon said "it was a mess in there", but was confident that she was able to repair things satisfactorily. His follow up visit is in 2 weeks, so he's limited until then doing anything. Which is good; sometimes I think he gets impatient & pushes too much, too soon, and has setbacks. PAH! Men!


Wanda said...

I hope Bob's recovery is coming along. what is it about some men that they just can't give things time to get better?! Your new display method is great! And the piece is just wonderful. Great work.

Glenna said...

Both are lovely, but I love your Garden Grew. You see how much progress I've made--nada.

Best wishes to Bob, and to you, for putting up with Bob getting better!