Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yes, I AM a slacker...

However, I have been stitching, just not bothering to even turn on the computer some nights.

Here's Garden Grew:


I'm about halfway thru page 3- that motif on the lower right is the center of the sampler, and I'm working on the top "row" of the pages. There are 4 rows of five pages (see previous post)

I finished Blue Moon:

Blue Moon

"Blue Moon" by Bent Creek Crescent Colors substitutions on white 28 ct. Jobelan

Had another snow day on Monday. We got about 6-8" of that white crap. It's been frigid ever since- 20's for highs, single numbers at night.

Bob was in the hospital again last week. The actress Geena Davis, who grew up in Wareham, her father was his roommate at the end of the week. She was there Saturday night when I went to visit. She's very tall (over 6 feet), very slender. She was wearing jeans & a sweater. Bob said she was there most of the time with her father, which meant a lot of people were constantly in the room to "see" the celebrity. I said hello, and left her alone. I would have loved an autograph, but the situation didn't lend itself very un-awkwardly. I'm more impressed that she tried out for the Olympic archery team and almost made it, than with her acting career, although she could "President"  Hillary under the table, even if it was just acting.

Bob's doctors have finally determined that his pneumonia keeps recurring because he's inhaling minute particles of food & water as he eats. That flap in his esophagus (I can't remember what it's called) and his throat muscles aren't working correctly. He's been given tips on how to eat and what not to eat. He says there isn't anything corrective that can be done- it's permanent damage that he'll have to learn to live with. So as disappointing as the diagnosis is, at least he finally has a diagnosis.

Axe has been good. She had the first set of spring shots on Monday. Did someone say "spring"?

LOST is on tonight.


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OnTheBit said...

Its the epiglodis (spelling?). Your boyfriend and my horse have something in common. Gen's doesn't always close all the way because of scar tissue from the track. Poor there anything he can do to stop it?