Monday, March 16, 2009


I would have posted these earlier this weekend, but my hands seem to be very chapped or rough from being in water too much. I just didn't feel like touching fabric.

Garden Grew:


I got that pesky violet relocated to where it belongs, but not much else was accomplished.

BBD March Stocking:

Mar 03

I didn't get any time today to stitch- the farrier came at 9:00, and since I have to hold Ms. I-freek-on-the-cross-ties, and I had to discuss her foot; and then the vet was coming between 11 and 12, so I waited for her, for shots and to discuss the foot. The farrier says his gut is telling him it's a bruise; the vet thought it could be a combo of both bruise & abscess- "But if she doesn't improve by this weekend, you may want a couple of x-rays to rule out a fracture..." I had already discussed this option with Ernie and he concurred that she wouldn't be putting her full weight on her foot after only two days of soaking, and 4 doses of bute (one each feeding since Saturday PM) if it was a fracture. He was able to shoe both front feet, with her back sore foot on concrete, with no fidgety- pain issues. That took about a half hour, and she didn't budge the entire time. So the plan is to continue to soak until Saturday when Ernie comes again; cut back on the bute to once a day Wednesday & Thursday, and stop the bute on Friday, so Ernie can judge how well she's tolerating he pain. If he thinks she'll tolerate it, he can put her back shoes on, and I can continue to soak if necessary. Long story short: I didn't get to the office until 12:30- no lunch break. Which reminds me: I'm HUNGRY!


Anna van Schurman said...

Oh, I hope she gets better quickly and it's not a fracture.

Wanda said...

You moved the plant! That's also one way to fix the problem! Good for you