Thursday, April 30, 2009


Nothing like turning on the old PC and getting 2 consecutive dialog boxes warning that it "can't find user profile" and then we'll be logging  you on with a "generic profile".

Don't know what that's about, so I performed computer  magic and re-started and everything seems fine.


I brought Garden Grew to S & B tonight and worked about an hour & a half:


I've got one more motif to the far right to reach the right side of the entire chart. YAY! I'm hoping to have some stitching time this weekend- maybe I can get all of page 5 done! Wouldn't that be grand?

Speaking of grand: Kentucky Derby is Saturday- put your best bonnet on and have yourself a julep. Right now, I think I want "I Want Revenge" based on the odds and his jockey has balls as big as coconuts, seeing as he's only 17 years old I think.

"Friesian Fire" is calling to me, too, I don't know why.

I've been super busy  this week. Plus reading. Another trip tomorrow morning to Boston for another load of stuff.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Mint juleps are yucky. We served them at a derby party once and I spent the day picking up half empty glasses. Myself, I like bourbon; it's the mint. I always go for the horse that's 8-1 or closest to. Not very sentimental or scientific...the dude and my dad always have exotics and the dude has won a trifecta or two. One year we went to Ca'Brea for dinner which was out of the grad student budget, but there had been a big win. Oh yes, it's my favorite season. (Except I wish the horses were sturdier.)