Friday, April 10, 2009


Garden Grew update:


Still finishing up on page 4.

Here's a close up of the violet (pansy?)- the leafy stuff I had to move:

GG11 macro

I think that's a hybrid bunny/squirrel. There are lots of those little bees all over the design.

Here's the latest on BBD March stocking #2:

Mar 06

I'm stitching it upside down next to the other one because I'm a cheap Yankee bitch.

Emily's new BF out in sunny Californeea made this out of two horse shoes:

horse heart

Isn't that nice? He should SO sell them & make a fortune.

I went up to ride but had to give Jodi & Ruth a hand with Ruth's horse- they think she has an abscess.  My stomach has been queasy all afternoon, and Axe was napping, and it started raining so I talked myself out of riding.


Sue said...

Cheap Yankee Bitches unite!!
Garden Grew looks wicked BTW.

OnTheBit said...

Her BF should totally sell those! The heart is adorable! And don't feel bad about not ridding. We are all allowed to take a day off now and again!

Wanda said...

Wow! The garden is growing FAST! It's lovely! and thanks too for the close up!