Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get with the Program!

Jeesh! I'm turning into the world's worst blogger. And I had all that new traffic from people googling "Sara Boyle" , even though I triple checked that it's "Susan Boyle".

Anyway, without further ado, here is my minute progress on Garden Grew:


It must be waiting for all those April showers to soak in.

Here's what I did last Thursday on the March stocking:

Mar 08

I'm a little bit more along than the mistake one. I just haven't had a stitchy appetite at lunch at work the past 2 weeks.

The dreaded exodus out of Boston is being planned. Her final regular classes are on April 30th. Then another 9 days of study & finals. That's a really short school year for $47000 a year.

Axe felt great tonight. I tried to keep going a bit longer even though my legs were like rubber bands.

LOST recap episode tonight.


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Wanda said...

I love your garden! It really is coming to life!